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  • Optional package for STEP 7 V5.5 for configuring closed-loop control and automation tasks with SIMATIC TDC, FM 458-1 DP and T400
  • Extensive block library
  • Generation of user libraries in ANSI C with D7-FB-GEN function block generator


Efficient configuration of SIMATIC control systems with the CFC and SFC engineering tools.

Область применения

Configuring of sophisticated technological applications with the D7-SYS function block library:

  • Extensive library for logic, arithmetic, motion control and closed- loop control
  • Expandable with user function blocks with D7-FB-GEN:
    • Implementation of complex functions in ANSI C
    • Reuse of know-how
    • Disguised expertise thanks to compiled blocks


Engineering with SIMATIC standard tools

  • SIMATIC Manager for project management
  • HW Config for hardware configuration
  • CFC and SFC for software engineering

Using the tools

  • PCS 7 Import/Export Assistant (IEA) for efficient mass data processing
  • Version Cross Manager (VXM) for comparing projects
  • SIMATIC Logon for user administration