S7-400 front connector with single cores

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  • Can be used for modules of the SIMATIC S7-400.
  • The front connectors with single wires replace the standard SIMATIC connectors:
    • 6ES7 492-1AL00-0AA0
    • 6ES7 492-1BL00-0AA0
    • 6ES7 492-1CL00-0AA0

Технические данные

Front connector with single cores

Rated operating voltage

24 V DC

Max. permissible continuous current with simultaneous load on all cores

1.0 A

Permissible ambient temperature

0 to +60 °C

Core type

H05V-K or with
UL style 1007/1569 CSA TR64

Number of cores


Core cross-section

0.5 mm2, Cu

Bundle diameter in mm

approx. 17

Core color

Blue, RAL 5010

Designation of cores

Numbered 3 to 48 (adapter contact = core number)


Screw-type or crimp contacts