CP 443-5 Extended

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  • PROFIBUS DP master with electrical interface for connecting the SIMATIC S7-400 to PROFIBUS at up to 12 Mbit/s (including 45.45 Kbit/s)
  • For setting up additional PROFIBUS DP lines
  • Communication services:
    • PG/OP communication
    • S7 communication
    • Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE)
  • Time synchronization
  • Easy programming and configuration over PROFIBUS
  • Cross-network programming device communication through S7 routing
  • Can be easily integrated into the SIMATIC S7-400 system
  • Module replacement without PG
  • SIMATIC H system operation for redundant S7 communication or DP master communication
  • Data record routing (PROFIBUS DP)
  • Adding or modifying distributed I/O during operation


  • Increased plant availability thanks to redundant connection of the process I/O (e.g. ET 200M) in the SIMATIC S7-400 H system
  • Particularly suitable for closed-loop control tasks thanks to SYNC/FREEZE and equidistant bus cycle
  • Sub-process-oriented design of an automation solution through the use of several CPs
  • Universal application of the CP due to the parallel use of different communication services on one CP
  • Lower costs due to flexible and reaction-free commissioning by means of CiR (Configuration in RUN)

Область применения

The CP 443-5 Extended is the communications processor of the SIMATIC S7-400 for the PROFIBUS bus system.

It relieves the CPU of communication tasks and supports additional connections.

Communication possibilities of the S7-400 using communication modules:

  • As master for PROFIBUS DP according to IEC 61158/EN 50170
  • Communication with programming devices and HMI devices
  • Communication with other SIMATIC S7 systems
  • Communication with SIMATIC S5 programmable controllers

The number of CPs that can be used is dependent on the performance range of the CPU and on the communications services used.


The CP 443-5 Extended communications processor features all the advantages of the SIMATIC S7-400 design:

  • Compact construction,
    9?pin Sub?D socket for connection to PROFIBUS DP
  • Single-width module
  • Easy installation,
    the CP 443-5 is mounted on the S7-400 rack and connected to the other modules of the S7-400 by means of the backplane bus.
  • User-friendly wiring,
    the Sub-D socket is easily accessible and simple to operate.
  • The CP 443-5 Extended can be operated without a fan.
    A backup battery or memory module is not required
  • A maximum of 14 CPs can be operated.

If the CP 443-5 Extended is used as a DP Master, at least four and as many as 10 additional PROFIBUS DP lines can be set up in the central rack. The number of possible PROFIBUS DP lines depends on the SIMATIC S7-400 CPU that is used.

When using S7-communication, no slot allocation rules apply. The number of operable S7 connections depends on the S7-400 CPU.

When using SEND/RECEIVE, the number of operable modules also depends on the S7-400 CPU.


The CP 443-5 Extended provides access to different communication services of the PROFIBUS bus system:

  • PROFIBUS DP (according to IEC 61158/61784)
  • PG/OP communication
  • S7 communication (S7 controllers)
  • Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE)
  • Time synchronization

Master for PROFIBUS DP

The CP 443-5 Extended operates as DP-V1 master. It processes data transfer autonomously and allows slaves to be connected, such as CP 342-5 as DP slave, DP slaves of the ET 200 distributed I/O system, etc. This means that the CP 443-5 Extended is able to connect the S7-400 station to PROFIBUS DP and is the ideal expansion to the integral DP master interfaces of the S7-400 CPUs for establishing additional PROFIBUS DP lines.

The CP 443-5 Extended can also be used in the SIMATIC S7 H system as a redundant DP master.

The CP 443-5 Extended is a DP-V1 master, i.e. it also supports the acyclic standard services incl. interrupt handling.

The CP 443-5 Extended also supports the SYNC and FREEZE functions, constant bus cycle time, direct slave-to-slave traffic, data set routing and changes to the configuration of the assigned distributed I/O during normal operation.

During normal operation, it is also possible to activate or deactivate DP slaves. This supports the step-by-step start-up of subprocesses, for example.

A diagnostic repeater allows the line to be diagnosed during operation, enabling line faults to be detected at an early stage. The CP 443-5 Extended supports operation with diagnostic repeater (including activation of topology identification in the diagnostic repeater).

The distributed I/Os are handled like central I/Os from the user's point of view. This means that there are no differences between the CP 443-5 Extended and the integral DP master interface of the S7-400 CPU with regard to configuration and parameterization. Depending on the scale of the system, the CP 443-5 Extended has extremely short response times.

PG/OP communication

PG/OP communication allows all S7 stations connected to the network to be remotely programmed.

  • S7 routing
    With the aid of routing it is possible to use programming device communication across networks.

S7 communication

S7 communication is used for the coupling

  • between SIMATIC S7 programmable controllers
  • to programming devices (PG/OP communication)
  • to PCs,
    e.g. CP 5711 with SOFTNET-PB S7, CP 5623 etc.
  • to HMI devices (OPs).

For redundant S7 communication, the CP 443-5 Extended can also be used in SIMATIC H systems.

Open communication (SEND/RECEIVE)

SIMATIC S7-400 is integrated into existing systems by means of open communication.

Based on Layer 2 (FDL) of PROFIBUS, the CP 443-5 Extended offers a simple, optimized interface for process or field communication. This interface offers uniform, high-performance communication between SIMATIC S5, SIMATIC S7 and the PC. It provides the services SDA (PLC/PLC connections) and SDN (Broadcast, Multicast).

The communication partners are the programmable controllers

    with CP 342-5, CP 343-5, CP 443-5 Extended and Basic
    with S5-95U with PROFIBUS interface, S5-115U/H, S5-135U, S5-155U/H with CP 5431 FMS/DP
  • SIMATIC 505
    with CP 5434-FMS
  • PCs
    with CP 5512, CP 5611 A2, CP 5621, CP 5613 A3, CP 5613 FO, CP 5614 A3, CP 5623, CP 5624
  • Non-Siemens systems that are equipped with an FDL interface.

To use SEND/RECEIVE, function calls are required (PLC-SEND/PLC-RECEIVE), which must be linked into the STEP 7 user program.

Time synchronization

Time synchronization is used to set the time of day throughout the plant.

The CP 443-5 Extended is capable of forwarding the time of day of the S7-400 CPU to PROFIBUS. Conversely, the CP of the S7-400 CPU can make an existing time of day available on PROFIBUS

The CP 443-5 Extended supports

  • The time-stamping of distributed process signals in combination with IM 153
  • Time status value, daylight-saving time changeover, synchronization status

Data set routing

The CP 443-5 Extended supports the data set routing function. With this option, the CP can be used as a router for data sets that have to be sent to field devices (DP slaves). SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager) is a tool that creates data sets of this type for parameterizing and diagnosing field devices.

It is possible, for example, to use SIMATIC PDM (on the PC) to set parameters and perform diagnostics for a PA field device over Industrial Ethernet, S7-400 (CP 443-1, CP 443-5 Extended) and DP/PA Coupler/Link.

Diagnostics data

Extensive diagnostic options are available via STEP S7, including:

  • Status of the CP
  • General diagnostics and statistics functions
  • Connection diagnostics
  • Bus statistics
  • Message buffer
  • Support of operation with diagnostic repeater

CiR – Configuration in RUN

With CiR, it is possible to add or modify distributed I/O devices during normal operation.

  • Adding PROFIBUS DP/PA slaves
  • Adding/removing modules (e.g. I/O modules) in a modular DP slave (e.g. ET 200M and DP/PA Link)


STEP 7 V5.1 SP2 or higher, or STEP 7 Professional V12 (TIA Portal) or higher, is required for configuring the full functional scope of the CP 443-5 Extended.

DP configuration/programming is performed for the CP 443-5 Extended in the same manner as for DP configuration/programming of the integrated DP interfaces of the SIMATIC S7-400 CPUs with STEP 7.

The configuring data of the CPs are always saved on the CPU and are retained even after a PLC failure. A module can therefore by replaced without having to reload the configuration data from a programming device. The CPU transfers the configuration data to the CP during start-up.

Configuration and programming of all SIMATIC S7 controllers connected to the network is possible over the network.

The function blocks for using the open communication (SEND/RECEIVE) can be found in the SIMATIC NET library following installation of STEP 7.

Технические данные

Article number


Product type designation

CP 443-5 Extended

Transmission rate

Transfer rate

  • ? at the 1st interface acc. to PROFIBUS

9.6 kbit/s ... 12 Mbit/s


Number of interfaces acc. to Industrial Ethernet


Number of electrical connections

  • ? at the 1st interface acc. to PROFIBUS


Type of electrical connection

  • ? at the 1st interface acc. to PROFIBUS

9-pin Sub-D socket (RS485)

Supply voltage, current consumption, power loss

Type of voltage of the supply voltage


Supply voltage 1 from backplane bus

5 V

Relative symmetrical tolerance at DC

  • ? at 5 V

5 %

Consumed current

  • ? from backplane bus at DC at 5 V typical

0.6 A

Power loss [W]

3 W

Permitted ambient conditions

Ambient temperature

  • ? during operation

0 ... 60 °C

  • ? during storage

-40 ... +70 °C

  • ? during transport

-40 ... +70 °C

Relative humidity at 25 °C without condensation during operation maximum

95 %

Protection class IP


Design, dimensions and weight

Module format

Compact module S7-400 single width


25 mm


290 mm


210 mm

Net weight

0.65 kg

Product properties, functions, components general

Number of units

  • ? per CPU maximum


  • ? Note

The number of CPs that can be operated as DP masters depends on the number of CP 443-1 Advanced processors operating in the S7-400 station as PROFINET IO controllers. Up to 10 CPs can be operated in total: up to 4 as PROFINET IO controllers (CP 443-1 Advanced), up to 10 as DP masters (CP 443-5 Extended)

Performance data open communication

Number of possible connections for open communication by means of SEND/RECEIVE blocks maximum


Amount of data

  • ? as user data per connection for open communication by means of SEND/RECEIVE blocks maximum

240 byte

Performance data PROFIBUS DP

Service as DP master

  • ? DPV1


Number of DP slaves on DP master usable


Amount of data

  • ? of the address area of the inputs as DP master total

4 096 byte

  • ? of the address area of the outputs as DP master total

4 096 byte

  • ? of the address area of the inputs per DP slave

244 byte

  • ? of the address area of the outputs per DP slave

244 byte

Performance data S7 communication

Number of possible connections for S7 communication

  • ? maximum


Performance data multi-protocol mode

Number of active connections with multi-protocol mode

  • ? without DP maximum


  • ? with DP maximum


Configuration software

  • ? required

STEP 7 V5.4 SP4 or higher / STEP 7 Professional V12 (TIA Portal) or higher