CP 443-1 OPC UA

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CP 443-1 OPC UA communications processor

Communications processor for connecting a SIMATIC S7-400 to Industrial Ethernet networks via OPC UA mechanisms.

The CP 443-1 OPC UA supports:

  • PG/OP communication
  • Communication via OPC UA as OPC UA server and/or OPC UA client for exchanging process data (data access)

The CP makes it possible to provide data for, or receive data from, other stations via a standardized OPC UA interface direct from the SIMATIC S7-400 controller. The CP can be used here as an OPC UA server and/or an OPC UA client. Communication as an OPC UA client takes place via user blocks standardized by the PLCopen organization. For more detailed information, see also: http://www.plcopen.org/pages/tc4_communication/index.htm

It can be used in SIMATIC S7-400 H systems as well as in standard SIMATIC S7-400 systems, and for fail-safe applications (PROFIsafe) in connection with an S7-400 F-CPU.


  • Open, standardized connection of an S7-400 to HMI/SCADA/MES/ERP systems or third-party PLCs using the OPC UA interface.
  • Investment protection thanks to later connection of existing SIMATIC S7 systems to Industrial Ethernet using the CP 443-1 OPC UA.
  • Secure, protected exchange of OPC UA data via fundamental security functions such as authentication, authorization, encryption and signing of data.
  • Completely flexible for connecting to the most diverse corporate systems using OPC UA as client and server
  • High-speed data transfer thanks to communication via TCP/IP.
  • Relieving the CPU of communications tasks.
  • High plant availability through use in the SIMATIC S7-400 H system
  • Optimum support of maintenance through:
    • Remote programming via WAN or internet
    • Secure web-based diagnostics
    • Monitoring with IT network management tools (SNMP)

Область применения

The CP 443-1 OPC UA is a communication module for connecting the SIMATIC S7-400 to Industrial Ethernet. With its own processor, it relieves the CPU of communications tasks and enables connections via the OPC UA protocol.

The CP 443-1 OPC UA permits communication of the S7-400 with:

  • Programming devices, computers, HMI devices
  • Computer with MES/ERP systems
  • Third-party controllers
  • Host computers
  • SIMATIC systems


The CP 443-1 OPC UA offers all the advantages of the SIMATIC S7-400 system design:

  • Compact design:
    • One RJ45 jack for connecting to Industrial Ethernet, automatic data rate detection using autonegotiation and autocrossover,
      the connection is made via the IE FC RJ45-Plug 180 with 180 °cable outlet or via a standard patch cable.
    • Diagnostics LEDs for indicating the operational and communication status
  • Easy installation: The CP 443-1 OPC UA is mounted on the S7-400 rack and connected to the other modules via the backplane bus. No slot rules apply.
  • The CP 443-1 OPC UA can be operated without a fan
  • In combination with the IM460/461, the CP 443-1 OPC UA can also be used in an expansion rack (ER)
  • The module can be replaced without the need for a programming device


  • One interface for connecting to Industrial Ethernet with an RJ45 connection at 10/100/1000 Mbps full/half duplex with autonegotiation and autocrossover functionality
  • Supported communication services on this interface:
    • As OPC UA server: Read/write access for data exchange (DA), access via subscriptions
    • As OPC UA client: Read/write access for data exchange (DA). Communication via standardized function blocks in accordance with PLCopen
    • PG communication for configuring the CP, cross-network through S7 routing
    • Time-of-day forwarding to the CPU as NTP time client (optionally secure NTP)
    • Module replacement without programming device: All configuration information can be stored on the CPU
    • The CP can operate simultaneously as an OPC UA server and OPC UA client. For corresponding restrictions of the quantity structure, see the manual.
  • Diagnostics and network management:
    • With https via web browser.
    • Standard and extended diagnostics in STEP 7 V5.5/STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) V14
    • Integration into network management systems through support for SNMP V1 or SNMP V3
  • Security mechanisms:
    • Access to the data using fundamental OPC UA security functions (authentication by certificate, encryption, and data signing)
    • Secure network management integration (SNMPv3)
    • Secure time-of-day transfer (NTP-secured)
    • Secure firmware updating
    • Secure web server communication (HTTPS)
    • Traceability by means of data logging on the basis of standard IT mechanisms (syslog)
    • Counterfeit detection
  • Configuring:
    • Configuring is performed using Step 7 V5.5 SP4 incl. HF 8 and HSP. The security functions are configured using the Security Configuration Tool (SCT) V4.2 and higher
    • It will be possible to configure the CP including the security functions in STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) V14 and higher


The aim is data exchange between a SIMATIC S7-400 and 3rd party systems via a standardized interface. As an OPC UA server, the CP uses OPC UA mechanisms to provide data in a standardized and secure form for linking to an OPC UA-capable HMI, SCADA or database system as a client.

Data exchange with HMI/SCADA/MES/ERP systems from various manufacturers

As an OPC UA server, the communications processor provides data in a standardized form for exchange with a third-party controller. At the same time, the CP can retrieve data from another OPC UA server as an OPC UA client by programming the necessary blocks.

Vendor-neutral controller-to-controller communication

Технические данные

Article number


Product type designation

CP 443-1 OPC UA

Transmission rate

Transfer rate

  • ? for Industrial Ethernet

10 ... 1 000 Mbit/s


Number of interfaces acc. to Industrial Ethernet


Type of electrical connection

  • ? of Industrial Ethernet interface

RJ45 port

Supply voltage, current consumption, power loss

Type of voltage of the supply voltage


Supply voltage 1 from backplane bus

5 V

Relative symmetrical tolerance at DC

  • ? at 5 V

5 %

Consumed current

  • ? from backplane bus at DC at 5 V typical

1.3 A

Power loss [W]

6.5 W

Permitted ambient conditions

Ambient temperature

  • ? during operation

0 ... 60 °C

  • ? during storage

-40 ... +70 °C

  • ? during transport

-40 ... +70 °C

Relative humidity at 25 °C without condensation during operation maximum

95 %

Protection class IP


Design, dimensions and weight

Module format

Compact module S7-400 single width


25 mm


290 mm


210 mm

Net weight

0.7 kg

Product properties, functions, components general

Number of units

  • ? per CPU maximum


Performance data S7 communication

Number of possible connections for S7 communication

  • ? with PG connections maximum


Performance data as OPC UA server

Protocol is supported OPC UA Server


Number of possible connections to OPC UA clients maximum


Number of variables (items) maximum

64 000

Storage capacity for variables (items) in summary

64 000 byte

Number of monitorings (subscriptions)

  • ? per connection maximum permissible


Number of variables (items)

  • ? per monitoring (subscriptions) maximum


Memory capacity for monitored variables (items)

45 000 byte

Performance data as OPC UA client

Protocol is supported OPC UA Client


Number of possible connections for OPC UA server maximum


Number of variables (items) over all connections reading/writing maximum

10 000

Protocol is supported

  • ? SNMP v1


  • ? SNMP v3


Product functions Diagnosis

Product function Web-based diagnostics


Product functions Security

Product function

  • ? password protection for Web applications


  • ? encrypted data transmission


  • ? switch-off of non-required services


  • ? log file for unauthorized access


Product functions Time

Protocol is supported

  • ? NTP


  • ? NTP (secure)


Дальнейшая информация

You can find more information on the topic online at: http://www.siemens.com/simatic-classic-s7-opcua